Work samples

Leading content strategy at IREX

IREX is a global education nonprofit with offices in 20 countries and programs in 120 countries.

As the organization's first content strategist, I led the development and implementation of a content strategy, redesigned and managed key websites and other digital properties, and helped teams embrace user-centered design, agile principles, and product management fundamentals.



Used content strategy and UX processes in an iterative way.



Streamlined IREX’s digital presence

Modernized our digital governance and improved our digital ecosystem.



Refreshed IREX’s brand identity

Created editorial and design guidelines and templates.



Designed & conducted campaigns

Managed long-term, multichannel efforts to support strategic initiatives.



Introducing content strategy from below at CRS

CRS is a global relief and development nonprofit with offices in more than 100 countries.

I started at CRS as a production editor and designer for technical publications. By the time I left, I was leading content strategy for CRS's largest division, managing user-centered redesigns for websites and digital asset libraries, and serving as a founding member of the organization's content strategy team.


Merged websites in a redesign of

Adopted a user-centered process to combine competing websites.